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Fathom Design is the place to reach out to when you fantasies about creating your dream space but do not know where to start! My wife and I had a bunch of ideas but we had no clue how to execute them, where to buy, or frankly knew where to begin. Kelly Dunn came to us by recommendation and we were so grateful to have found her. Impeccable character, she listened to all our ideas and broke the work down in a way that made so much sense. Working with her made us understand that design is not just about decor and that there is so much more that comes into making your space the home you thrive in. From the initial visit, planning, purchasing, and execution of the whole project, the entire experience was delightful and we are so thankful for all the hard work Kelly and her team conducted.Read More

I have gotten to work with Kelly on a few projects and she definitely has great design sense. She is also very great to work with on the business side. Highly recommend.Read More

Kelly is a brilliant person with rare abilities to make project as smooth as possible. It has become very difficult to come across with professionals in NYC lately, however it is still possible! If you are looking for a solid knowledgeable interior firm, Fathom DC is the place. Completed various projects for us with success and within time frame. Thank you Kelly! George.Read More

Kelly has exceeded our expectations and had been wonderful to work with throughout the project. I have admired her ability to navigate supplier issues to achieve the desired outcome. The level of communication is outstanding, we always knew what was going with all aspects of the project.Read More

As I was scrolling through house looking for an interior designer, Fathom's gallery caught my eye. I gave them a call and they were so nice and were able to give me free advice that I carried with me into the project. Looking forward to working with herRead More

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