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First, let’s talk about falling in love. There’s a reason opposites attract. When someone has a similar personality to yourself, you get them, you know them, you ARE them, and then…. yawn. They make a great friend.

But, when someone is uniquely different then you, there is intrigue, mystery, risk. What are they thinking, what makes them tick? Who is beneath the questions and discrepancies you don’t quite understand? The unknown is so delicious, such a turn on, it makes you come ALIVE.

It’s a human example but I believe design is intrinsically human. When you apply this concept to interior design, the goal is to create an experience. You want a space to command your attention as soon as you walk in….. excitement, intrigue, pulsing life. That is because at the source of the design there is a magnetic energy at play. Great design focuses on this magnetic energy in humans rather than just colors, patterns, and trends.

Let’s explore this concept a little bit further and I will give you my unique perspective.

Magnetic, mood-altering Curation:

For example, let’s check out this space by Ramzy Alaa Interiors

Why is this so striking? Why does it feel so moody and alive at the same time? What makes it command your attention even though it’s rather muted? What is creating such a magnetic energy?

The cold marble floor is offset by the warm, plush, velvet couch and the delicate window sheers. The traditional, recessed paneled walls play perfectly with the sleek, orbed, modern light and of course, this perfectly, kind of ironically, picked and positioned artwork! Nothing compares to an expressionless, corset-strapped woman reminding us to take a chill pill. The graffiti on such a beautiful painting stirs emotion, quite jarringly, and that alone can bring a space to life. Artwork is integral that way. What you choose to put where can bring the desired emotion.

Another example from the genius of Ramzy Alaa:

Here we have the vibrant life of greenery and branches against a cold gold and marble backdrop. The sleek glamour of the reception desk and styling booths are balanced by the ‘street art’ vibe on the walls, which ironically play right into the feminine color scheme despite being so raw. Senses are tantalized. This is not just a space. This is a lifesource that you are lucky to come in contact with.

This is what it means to design with magnetic energy at the core of the focus.

Now, yin and yang and polar opposite attraction is exciting and vital, but just like in relationships it can’t be all about that. I mean seriously, that gets exhausting real fast without some common goals, something that tethers us on a foundational level, something that grounds us. Same rules apply in interior design.

The grounding, common thread in the first space is sophisticated audacity. Every piece individually and collectively pay homage to that one foundational trait. The salon, however, evokes playful luxury. Each aspect of this space ties into the innocent, glamorous, multidimensional dreams of femininity. Without common goals and ground, design that pushes boundaries and chases a reaction falls apart.

Putting Magnetic Design in to play:

Here’s a work of mine that relies on this philosophy. I created this look with the goal of a deep, moody, yet inviting and luxurious experience. Despite playing with a variety of bold textures like the velvet rather bright couch, cold marble and mixed stones, and metals, there is a grounding focus on natural elements. This is solidified by the tree branch sculpture and plant features. The elements are well represented and blended throughout modern elements. Though they differ, they are pulled together by a foundation in nature.

This is what separates the artist from the perfector. Perfection is safe, tied up nicely and occasionally necessary. But artistry… artistry taps into the jugular of our humanness, our connection to all things in flow and we can’t help but respond from the truer parts of ourselves.

This is the philosophy that has inspired me and is foundational to my work for clients. Learn more about my work here.