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It’s a bittersweet moment. We all go through a phase in our lives where life expects more of us and we have to grow up. For many millennials, college life, first apartment life, and the other formative phases were marked by one style: quirky, nordic, fast furniture. How many of you still have five Allen wrenches stashed somewhere you used to put together your new coffee table on your apartment floor?

Some of you may really consider nordic style to be your look, but still, there is a point for every style where it’s time to graduate and develop a unique look that is all your own.

If you find yourself ready for a more sophisticated, authentic, grown-up style, we’ve outlined some ways you can do that while curating your personal style:

Handpick curated pieces:

It can be hard to branch out when there are plenty of pieces with a handful of color options available in an organized maze. We get it. But it’s time to go beyond. The spaces that have their own authentic, unique look and have a real class about them always have some standout, unique pieces. Instead of going for matching sets or furniture from the same company, branch out and make a point to pick pieces that are outliers. You can go antique shopping for a unique statement piece, look on Etsy, or other artisan sites. Some examples of statement pieces that are awesome when they’re a little different are: coffee tables, credenzas, and lamps. They add a hint of character to your space when they’re a little different from the rest.

Put down the string lights. Get real lighting:

We know it’s super tempting to grab the string lights one more time or some paper lanterns and just throw them up there but it’s time to move on. It was time after freshman year. Put some more thought into your lighting. It can make or break a room. Look into bigger, better, more substantial lighting. It can make your existing pieces look much more professional, cleaner, and more grand.

Replace the prints with art that speaks to you:

We know it’s super easy rolling up and grabbing a few oversized prints of the Brooklyn bridge and calling it a day but it’s time you learned the importance of art. Your guests will be impressed, thank us later. Art, like lighting, makes or breaks a space. Well curated, unique, bold art can take your space to another level in terms of character and style. Take a look at buying from local artists or if you want something with a good price range but more authentic than a print, you can take a look at Leftbank art or Noir:

Break out of generic color patterns:

It can be really easy to get stuck into the seasons three color patterns which consist of mainly shades of white and gray with a splash of the same rotating colors. Don’t do that. Discover the color palette that creates the affect you want. Branch out from cool colors and all white and incorporate moody, rich colors through paint or other wall covering alternatives.

Not everything has to be brand new:

If you want to create a unique style, adding some pieces from the past are a great way to add irreplicable character. The best vintage pieces are accessories like vases, lamps, books, and side tables. They will hold up for a long time and are generally easy to find and refurbish if necessary. The mix of modern and vintage accessories is a timeless look that you can make uniquely you by picking vintage pieces that speak to you on some level.

It’s time to finally throw away the weird little metal tool (actually called an Allen wrench) and graduate to bigger, better, bolder style that is authentically and uniquely yours.

Fathom helps millennials and modern companies discover what their unique style is and express it in a bold, unapologetic way.

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