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Whether you are buying a new piece of clothing, jewelry, or homeware, don’t you always check out what’s trending? Why is that?

Have you ever jumped on Pinterest or Instagram to see what’s hot?

Sure, you want to keep up with the season’s trends. But what about your individual style statement? Don’t you want your space to also express you?

Maybe you love vintage curtains when you see them in a store. The only thing that stops you from buying them for your own home is your fear that you’ll seem you are too old-fashioned. In art and self expression, there is no such thing as “outdated”.

If you know what fits your style and expresses you, there are ways to make them beautiful and updated while still expressing your unique style.

Design is a great medium to communicate your stories and to showcase your personality. The best thing is that even the most unassuming props can add character to your room. Let’s explore some unconventional ways you can spice up your home.

How To Use The Right Colors To Showcase Your Personality

How many people went from beige to gray to greige? And how many painted their kitchen cabinets white? There is a beautiful ease to these colors. They are simple, clean and coordinate with a lot of other colors.

But there is a problem. Most people went with these shades only because they were in trend. They didn’t leave any room for experimentation or creativity. No doubt these colors are great base colors, but does it really express you?

Choosing a set of base colors is fine. Make it more unique by adding a dash of patterns, textures, and other colors to add more character to your room. For inspiration, look to nature. Ever noticed the texture of waves? Or the different shades of the grey clouds? That’s what we are talking about. Unless you are living in a wasteland, the outside world screams color and vitality and organic combinations.

Embracing the safe and quiet has its place. But don’t save the colorful parts of yourself for Friday night parties only! Bring that side of you to your walls and into your decor. You can be eclectic with colors as well.

There is a psychology behind colors and we are all different in this sense. Pick the colors that make you feel good, that create a familiar happy space, or remind you of something that brings you joy. Not sure which colors you like the most? Take a look around and study your response to different colors. Think lime makes you feel lively? Or does dark grey appeal to your senses? Take note of this and don’t let the trends take over what actually brings you joy. A good activity is to go on Pinterest and look through curated color boards and palettes. See what catches your eye above all else.

All of us already notice and respond to colors around us on a subconscious level. The only effort required of you now is to tune in. It’s a good idea to ask yourself “why” you respond to a certain color in a specific manner. Also take note of what objects grab your attention. Does a Tiffany blue bag speak to you? Or the rusted green and copper on an old antique?

Real Trends Never Go Out of Style

Classic style is something that represents what has and always will be universally crucial to us: beauty, stability, comfort, and truth.

Your heritage, life story, past hurts, victories, coping techniques, and hobbies will translate to your personal style. You can quickly determine what colors and textures you are drawn to by taking a look at your wardrobe. What do you see?

Are you grounded and comfortable, dramatic and bold, soft and sweet, or bright and playful? Anything that excites your soul, puts a smile on your face or soothes you into blissful surrender is your style. Take note of this when you are deciding on your space.

Think Functionality

A gorgeous space is lovely to look at but if you can’t move around in it, sit comfortably or perform daily tasks, all that beauty turns into a dark hole of frustration. It’s similar to finding a great dress that doesn’t really fit you.

While designing your home, always keep functionality in mind. A great way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important is to make a list.

Who is going in and out of this door? How often do we need access to that closet? What will you use the space for? Reading and playing games? Watching movies?

Based on what you plan to use your room for, decide on the lighting, decor, and the furniture.

Design According To Your Lifestyle

Don’t be afraid to repurpose certain rooms to fit your lifestyle. Why have a formal dining room that gets used twice a year when you could turn it into a music room, art studio, library or a kids gaming room?

Having a place in your home to pursue your passions or simply having a different spot to enjoy your morning coffee is so revitalizing and guaranteed to breathe new life into your home. Functionality and purpose is also your personal style.

It is crucial to incorporate the things you love to do into your home. Do you like to write and wish you had more time for it? Transforming a closet into your personal writing desk will draw you back to your passion.

Do you love to entertain? Keep your layout simple and clean so your guests feel comfortable, and you maintain a flow. Invest in a good sound system and create an openness in your kitchen so you can converse with your guests while you cook. The whole experience of a space should be tailored to expressing you.

Combine Trends & Authenticity

Like we said in the beginning, purchasing things on trend is fun and cool. Just keep it in check. Don’t be the lady going back for yet another Botox treatment leaving everyone pathetically thinking, “Oh Honey!”. Make sure the bulk of your space resembles the real you, then add the trending pops of fun and funky.

Typically, people gravitate towards trends because of what they represent at a certain time. At a time when women are standing their ground against patriarchy, we aren’t surprised to see female style take on a more robust, edgy look. Snakes, velvets and rich purples are all a testament to this.

Look at these amazing examples from Jimmie Martin & Koket.

That doesn’t mean you need to start adding velvets to your room right away. Find something that you are passionate about. If you love animals, you could use cushion covers or paintings that emphasize your love for animals. If you like flora, add a few potted flowers and greenery to your room.

Dare to express yourself in your space. It’s great to look at trends for inspiration but don’t blindly follow them. To add a personal touch to your home, you have to showcase your style.

Don’t be shy of transforming spaces to showcase your unique story. Play around with colors and experiment with patterns and textures to create your fun vibe. Your home is your chance to showcase any aspect of your personality that you want to.

If you’re not sure how you can use your style to design your home, get in touch with Fathom Studio. We are trained to cut to the chase and get to the source of what it is you truly want to express through interior style.

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